Three International Omelets To Try At A Diner

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Three International Omelets To Try At A Diner

Three International Omelets To Try At A Diner

30 May 2023
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When you visit a local diner for breakfast, you may wish to browse the omelet section of the menu. Most diners sell a variety of omelets, and while a standard one might appeal to you, it can also be fun to order something different on occasion. At some restaurants, you'll see a number of international-inspired omelets. Each of them offers a variety of ingredients that you may not have had in other omelets in the past. Here are three international omelet options that you may encounter during an upcoming diner visit.


If you enjoy Greek food, you may have yet to experience a Greek-themed breakfast item. Look for a diner that carries a Greek omelet, and then consider having it for your first meal of the day. While the ingredients will vary from diner to diner, this omelet often features spinach and feta cheese, which can give it somewhat of a lighter taste than an omelet that is filled with cheddar or mozzarella cheese. You'll also encounter kalamata olives, which offer a nice, salty flavor, and there may be herbs that are prevalent in Greek cuisines, such as oregano, sprinkled into the egg mixture.


A Mexican omelet can be a fun breakfast item to try if you enjoy Mexican fare. These omelets often have chorizo as a protein source, which can help them to be filling. There may be pepper jack cheese, avocado, and jalapeno peppers too. The latter ingredient can add a good amount of spice to the dish, as can the salsa that often comes in the omelet or on the side. You can often find Mexican omelets that feature fresh greens such as scallions and cilantro sprinkled on top, and some even have a dollop of sour cream to offer a source of coolness to counteract the spice.


Some diners have Canadian-inspired omelets on their menus. This type of omelet often features Canadian bacon, which is a type of back bacon that is popular in Canada. It will often also have mushrooms and onions, and may contain other ingredients too. If you haven't had Canadian bacon in the past, enjoying it inside of an omelet is a good way to experience it. Between the bacon, cheese, and egg, this type of omelet offers a significant amount of protein that should give you sustenance until lunchtime.

Check out one of these omelet options at a local diner or restaurant.

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