Host A Memorable Pizza Dinner Party For Your Children

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Host A Memorable Pizza Dinner Party For Your Children

Host A Memorable Pizza Dinner Party For Your Children

3 December 2015
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Want to wow your children with a special dinner extravaganza? Serve them their favorite pizza, but spice things up by adding some entertainment and decorations to the meal that will be sure to tickle their fancy by incorporating the following ideas.

Dress And Act The Part

Pizza is a food item that many people believe originated in Italy. Why not spice things up and arrange a table setting that resembles a quaint Italian restaurant? Throw a checkered tablecloth over the dining area. Purchase some candles that are battery operated and set them on top of the cloth to provide the illusion of a table setting that might be found in a quiet and cozy dining establishment.

Put on a apron and Italian hat so that you resemble a genuine waiter. Give your children an invitation that lists the time of the dinner party and the area of your home where it will be held. When your kids arrive, provide them with a handwritten menu that lists the different kinds of pizza that are available. Write down the information on a notepad so that your children feel as if they are in a real restaurant.

Provide Live Entertainment

Many popular restaurants provide live entertainment so that guests can relax while they are waiting for their meal. You can perform one of your best talents while the pizza is baking in the oven. If you are musically inclined, play a tune on an instrument or sing a song that you made up that is about pizza. Your children may laugh at your attempts but will be impressed with the uniqueness of the dinner experience.

If you really want to go all out, pretend that you are making a homemade pizza. Prepare a batch of dough before the meal and attempt to fling it in the air to create a crust in the manner that an employee at a real pizza establishment would.

Have Your Children Create Pizza Place Mats

Draw large circles on pieces of card stock and cut them out. Draw colorful shapes on construction paper that resemble pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, onions, and other toppings that are commonly found on pizza. Cut out the shapes and give one circle and a bottle of glue to each child. Suggest that they decorate their pizza by gluing on the toppings that you have created.

After the pizzas are decorated, tell your children that they have made their own place mats. Your children can eat their dinner and save their creations to remind them of the special occasion.

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